Dezhou zhong ke new materials Co., Ltd. ls high tech company specializing in the production of concrete admixtures,Member of China concrete admixture association unit,was awarded the“famous trademark” of Dezhou city in 2009,to establish a close technical cooperation relationship with China Building Materials Academy.In April 2013 the newly expanded garden plant covers an area of 42000 square meters,with 3 large-scale logistics and warehousing,2 modern ultra wide production workshop,Also has a national automatic annual 80000 tons poly carboxylic acid mother liquor in the production line,with an annual output of 20000 tons of naphthalene series mother liquor in the production line,and an annual output of 60000 tons of compound products production line.The data center control the company production line the production of the whole process of the use of the advanced electronic measuring equipment,Product manufacturing process across the board sensors automatically collect data,to realize the automation of data acquisition,timely,production control statistics,stability,and effectively improve the stability of the synthetic products.Company has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certificat1on and anti freezing agent 3C compulsory certification.In particular,the company developed a poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent,the chloride ion,sodium sulfate and low alkali content,concrete durability and corrosion resistance is more superior;The shrinkage rate of concrete 28d prepared by the poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent is lower than that of the naphthalene system. The shrinkage is smaller,and the concrete is less due to the shrinkage of the concrete.In addition, polycarboxylate water preparation of concrete slump loss is small,and mixed with synthetic material adaptability is good,the strength development is more stable.Effectively guarantee the quality of the concrete products produced,To ensure that the performance of concrete is superior to other brands in the market,To better meet the needs of the owners and satisfy productive needs.
Management idea
Precious little time,such as wood,tolerance,passion of fire water,such as soil.
Enterprise vision
To build team,performance and sets up the Image
Management motto
Starts from me,look at me,for my supervision,and promote my ascension
Production management
Shandong Jin Xin Construction Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in August 2005,now our company has 3 subordinate professionalized engage in construct1on industry:Dezhou Jin Xin Concrete Co.,Ltd.,Dezhou zhong ke new materials Co.,Ltd.,Dezhou Jin Xin Equipment Leasing Co.,Ltd.,We have the Secondary Level certificate of municipal construction project and architectural decoration.decoration engineering,construction waterproof engineering,metal doors and windows Engineering qualification,And at first Jin Xin corporation is only engaged in construction enterprises and through several years'development it has developed into acomprehensive group company which owns many entities and engages in multiplex management.